Ov Fire And The Void (Behemoth Cover) - Single

by Empyrean Throne

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[Music and lyrics by Nergal] I the Sun ov man The offspring ov the stellar race My halo fallen and crushed upon the earth That I may bring balance to this world I son ov perdition From sheer nothingness transgressed Unto the highest self -- to utmost freedom To explore the starry nature ov my rage I pulse ov existence The law ov nature undenied I hold the torch ov Heraclitus So I can shake the earth and move the suns I divine Iconoclast Injecting chaos into my veins With life accepted With pain resurrected Is the embrace ov god in man profound The joy ov a dawn The ecstasy ov dusk Nourished have I this karmic flow Where great above meets great below Oh let it be written! Oh let it be done! Scattered I walk towards the fractured light LICENSED CONTENT: IDBLM - 022512


Press Release:
Symphonic black-metal order, EMPYREAN THRONE have unleashed their latest offering of musical propaganda in the form of a cover of Polish extreme metal legends Behemoth’s “Ov Fire and the Void”.

“Behemoth has and will always be a major influence for this band,” EMPYREAN THRONE vocalist Andrew Knudsen said. “They are one of the few bands that delivers one of the most visceral performances while combining both music and a well crafted visual element that continues to evolve and push the boundaries of contemporary art. With the triumph of their latest record, “The Satanist”, we of EMPYREAN THRONE wanted to pay tribute to a band that has inspired us to push ourselves harder as musicians and further into the depths of chaos.”

VIDEO LINK: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0S91kpWsEnk

The cover also includes a symphonic overture carefully crafted by EMPYREAN THRONE cellist Kakophonix, as well as a full orchestral accompaniment that the band has become known for. The timing of the video also marks the beginning of a new era for EMPYREAN THRONE as the band begins preparing to enter the recording phase of their first full-length album entitled “Chaosborne” while promoting their collective message of ritualistic Chaos Gnosticism.

“We have been very fortunate as a band, the support of our legionnaires is the driving force behind our banner,” Knudsen said. “We wanted to give back to the metal community, and in our own way say thank you to Behemoth for their years of hard work, amazing music, and fearless spirit.”

Andrew Knudsen – Vocals
Mike Brennan – Guitars / Backing Vocals
Bryan Schwarz – Guitar / Backing Vocals
Martin Stacey – Drums / Backing Vocals
Kakophonix – Cello and Orchestra

“Ov Fire and the Void” Video Credits:
Produced, Directed, & Edited by Andrew Knudsen
Cinematography by Mitchell Swan
Performance by Empyrean Throne

EMPYREAN THRONE Contact Information:



released February 1, 2016

“Ov Fire and the Void” Song Credits:
Engineered, mixed and mastered at Erthe & Axen Studios by Matthew Carl Earl
Performed by Empyrean Throne
Additional choir vocal performances by Emerson Sinclair
Additional performances by John Ashbaugh, Dan Bruette, and Matthew Carl Earl
All strings recorded and performed by Kakophonix
Artwork by Eko Pratama
Additional art contributions by Luciana Nedelena
Lyrics and Original Performances by Nergal and Behemoth
Written by Nergal



all rights reserved



Empyrean Throne Lake Forest, California

Empyrean Throne is a clandestine black metal order from Lake Forest California, hellbent on spreading their gospel to the far corners of the world.

Into Chaos. Towards the Beyond. Ever Vigilant.

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