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Haereticus Stellarum Part II

by Empyrean Throne

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Dia! Naahemah! Anium! Sorath! No prison can stifle this hunger Untamed my fevered will Desires ov molten iron Absolved ov these mortal restraints Overrun these hollowed walls Floods these barricade ov stone Dance with blaze ov my candles Let tides Chaos pour from the Night Dia-Naahemah-Anium-Sorath! For I am the Stalker ov Stars The howling bedlam that calls The lawless hand caressing Dark The cavernous mouth ov the Void Dia-Naahemah-Anium-Sorath! And so I ascend into Chaos A disciple granted passage beyond To speak as its unwavering vessel Until the stars no longer shine


And so I ascend into Chaos: part of the final passage of lyrical propaganda from the latest infernal offering from Chaos Gnostic order EMPYREAN THRONE’s “Haereticus Stellarum Part II” alongside the most ritualistic performance by the band to date in the form of a music video. No words are more fitting. “Haereticus Stellarum Part II” is the long awaited first tiding of musical divination from EMPYREAN THRONE’s first full-length record Chaosborne produced by Anaal Nathrakh mastermind Mick Kenney, to be released by the band come January 2017.

Brimming with the venom and hatred one would expect from black metal titans like Watain, and reinforced by haunting chants and invocations more akin to bands like Batushka, EMPYREAN THRONE makes a bold entrance into the arena of their major label contemporaries. Mesmerizing at first, “Haereticus Stellarum Part II” delivers an audio assault upon the listener, delivering a sonic flogging from start to finish. With “Haereticus Stellarum Part II”, EMPYREAN THRONE are able to simultaneously wield the blades of both the raw elements of traditional black metal and experimental orchestral music, a feat few modern bands can accomplish.


While the track provides the listener with the collective voice of the current incarnation of EMPYREAN THRONE, the video offers a glimpse into the ritualistic practices of the Gnostic order. “The theme of ascension constitutes the core of both song and video,” claims vocalist Andrew Knudsen. “With the music video, we wanted to capture the visual representation of the passage through the three veils before the Black Light Gnosis, as well as some of the fundamental aspects of Chaos Ideology. We were fortunate enough to be aided in this conquest by fellow chaos-worshipping grenadier, Luzia Lowe. Her performance is both captivating and terrifying. We are honored to have her as part of this production. Our hope is that this visual medium emphasizes the overarching theme of liberation presented in our new record, Chaosborne.”

With Chaosborne looming ever closer on the horizon, EMPYREAN THRONE are poised to strike deep at the souls of the metal community while bringing to bear their fanatical communion of blood and fire.

Into Chaos. Towards the Beyond. Ever Vigilant!

Andrew Knudsen – Vocals
Mike Brennan – Guitars
Leviathan - Drums

“Haereticus Stellarum Part II” Video Credits:

EMPYREAN THRONE Contact Information:

All rights owed by Empyrean Throne - 2016


released December 9, 2016

“Haereticus Stellarum Part II” Song Credits:
Produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Mick Kenney
Performed by Empyrean Throne
Lyrics and Invocations by Andrew Knudsen
Additional contributing musicians: Martin Stacy, Kakophonix, Bryan Schwarz
Additional vocal chant performances: Andrew Knudsen, Mike Brennan, Martin Stacy, Anthony Martinez
All strings recorded and performed by Kakophonix
Photography Credit: Anabel DFlux
Cover Model: Luzia Lowe


all rights reserved



Empyrean Throne Lake Forest, California

Empyrean Throne is a clandestine black metal order from Lake Forest California, hellbent on spreading their gospel to the far corners of the world.

Into Chaos. Towards the Beyond. Ever Vigilant.

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